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Friendlybot Help Documentation

Friendlybot is a Discord bot with various administrative and RuneScape-related features. It allows you to easily manage your server with an advanced ticketing system, by creating reaction roles, assign roles to someone when they join your server, create temporary voice channels, receive administration logs and much more. The bot also allows you to set up giveaways, events and host groups for bosses in several games.


If you spot something that's unclear or not accurate, please let me know in my support server or by submitting a bugreport with the /bugreport command!

Inviting Friendlybot

You can invite the bot by clicking here and choosing your server or by visiting:


chat on Discord

You can also find a list of all of the available commands by typing /help. To get more information on a specific command you can check out the sidebar on the left side, or type: /help followed by the name of the command.

If something isn't clear, feel free to join my Discord server. You can ask additional information in the #support channel or create a ticket.

Extra Features

Subscribe to my Patreon to support me or unlock extra customisation for certain features, such as the ticketing system or customiseable embed and button colors.