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This command requires the administrator permission by default. To learn how to change this, please check the faq command.

/adminlogs enable

Enables the adminlogs feature.

This feature logs various events in your server such as
  • Message Deletions or Edits
  • Channel Deletions or Updates
  • Permission Changes
  • ...


Name Type Description Default
channel TextChannel

Optionally a channel for the admin logs to be sent to.


/adminlogs disable

Disables the adminlogs feature.

/adminlogs status

Shows your current logging settings for the Adminlogs feature.

/adminlogs settings

Allows you to configure which events get logged by the Admin Logs feature.

/adminlogs ignore

Adds or removes channels / categories from the adminlogs ignorelist.

Channels or channels in a category added here won't have their events logged by the adminlogs feature.


Name Type Description Default
add_or_remove Literal['add', 'remove']

Whether you want to add or remove a channel from the ignore list.


/adminlogs channel

Choose a channel for specific admin log event(s) to get sent to. If you don't provide a channel, you'll change it back to the default admin logs channel.


Name Type Description Default
channel TextChannel

The channel you'd like the logs for the event to get sent to. Defaults to None.


/adminlogs modactions

Stores all actions performed by moderators, so you can look them up later.

Once this is enabled you can look up actions performed on a user with /modactions user or all actions performed by a user with /modactions actioner.