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This command requires the administrator permission by default. To learn how to change this, please check the faq command.

/jagexclock enable

Enables the Jagex Clock feature.

This sends notifications about various events in RuneScape 3.

Some of these events are
  • Voice of Seren
  • Araxxi Rotation Changes
  • Vorago Rotation Changes
  • Rise of The Six Rotation Changes
  • Minigame Spotlight
  • Weekly & Monthly D&D Resets
  • Traveling Merchant
  • Sinkholes
  • Guthixian Caches
  • Raven
  • Big Chinchompa
  • Wilderness Flash Events
    • These are divided into 3 roles: Special, Combat & Skilling.
  • Meg Reminders
  • Goblin Raids
  • Seasonal Events, like Happy Hour at the Lumbridge beach
  • Arc Birds
  • Menaphos Cats


Name Type Description Default
channel discord.TextChannel

The channel you would like notifications to appear in.


/jagexclock disable

Disables the Jagex Clock feature again.

/jagexclock events

Selects which Jagex Clock events you'd like to have broadcasted.

/jagexclock roles

Creates the roles for the Jagex Clock feature.

This sets up roles which will be mentioned when a certain event happens. You can create sign-up buttons for these roles by using /jagexclock rolebuttons or reaction roles by using /jagexclock reactionroles.

/jagexclock deleteroles

Allows you to select which roles should be removed, and thus no longer mentioned by the Jagex Clock.

/jagexclock reactionroles

Creates the reaction roles embed for the roles you set up with the /jagexclock roles command.

/jagexclock rolebuttons

Creates buttons which users can click to sign up for the roles you set up with the /jagexclock roles command.


Name Type Description Default
text_or_emojis app_commands.Choice[int]

Whether you want to display text, emojis or both on the buttons.