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eventscalendar enable

Enables the events calendar feature and configures a channel for them to be posted in.

When you create an event in your server through Discord's events feature, the link to the event will be posted in your server. A temporary role is also created which users can assign to themselves by clicking the Interested button.

When an event starts this role will be pinged, when the event ends or is cancelled, the role will be deleted from your server, along with the event's link.



Name Type Description Default
channel discord.TextChannel

The channel all of your events should be posted in.

notification_channel discord.TextChannel

The channel event pings should be posted in.


eventscalendar disable

Disables the events calendar feature again.

eventscalendar sync

Synchronises your event calendar with the events you've created in Discord.


Normally you shouldn't have to use this, but in rare cases where the calendar doesn't match the events you've configured you can use this command to re-synchronize them. This will also make sure everyone who clicked Interested and didn't get their role (or role removed when unclicked) will be updated accordingly.

When the bot restarts this will automatically run in your server so you won't have to run it after a restart!